Me in the Naschmarkt in Vienna, Austria in the summer of 2013, drinking some passion fruit juice from one of the countless food stalls there.

This is a blog about the vegan foods I have found during my travels. I love both travelling and food. My aim is to share what kind of vegan foods one can find in different destinations.

There will be a lot of introduction on thai foods, because I spent six months in Thailand in the spring 2014.

I like all kinds of vegan foods, but I grave for big salads now and then. My favourites are thai, indian, japanese, chinese and italian foods. Perhaps I coud also say that I like Northern American foods as well, because it seems that especially USA has some very interesting vegan baking and anything you can dream of. Also the Middle East has great foods that are originally from there: hummus, falafel, pita bread, baba ganoush and other eggplant foods. But now that I started listing the food cultures I like, the list seems endless, because I have good experiences from Russia, Middle Europe, England, Turkey… Actually I have good vegan food experiences where ever I go.

It helps to get a bit of knowledge of the food culture of the places you visit and keep your eyes open. I don´t find being vegan hard at all. I´m happy to have been vegan almost 20 years now.

I´m from Finland, but I plan to spend most of time abroad in the future. I have written a blog about travelling and food in Finnish for two years. That blog has also introductions to different travel destinations and general writings about travelling.

Contact me: reissaustajaruokaa@gmail.com

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