One more vegan travel blog

fresh lime soda in arambol

This will be a new blog about vegan food and travelling. My plan is to introduce what kind of vegan foods one can find in different parts of the world. I love travelling and food. Eating new foods is one of the most important pleasures for me when I go to new places. Food is even one of the reasons for me to choose the places I travel.

Sometimes I don´t have enough advance information on which local foods are vegan and which are not. I want to write about my experiences to help other travellers to avoid eating non-vegan foods. Knowing what is available also helps others to not to worry and to be able to try new things. I have had so many surprises during my trips!

I have written a travelling and food blog in Finnish (reissausta ja ruokaa) for two years now and decided to try writing in English too. This blog will concentrate more on photos instead of words.  I hope you will find this blog usefull for your travels!


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